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Leadership is something I struggle with. Being an innate Right brain Introvert Vata dosha w/ Social Anxiety is not a usual combination for a bold leader. I’m tentative around new people, if I decide to let someone in I try to be personable and amiable, sometimes to a fault. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt if they seem genuine, and if they cross a line I often tell myself “Oh it’s just this time” or I make up excuses as to why they’re not upholding a respectful, healthy boundary such as “they’re having a hard time lately”. I generally try to be subtle about reinforcing boundaries so as not to upset the other person and let things slide until it reaches a tipping point and I explode, which is usually followed by putting the armor on and the walls going up. But unlike me, Kestrel is a Left brain Introvert. He CONSTANTLY tests leadership and boundaries.If there’s an inch, he’ll take a mile. This is my biggest challenge.  Because things haven’t been going so great for us late

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