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Intention, Spirituality and Horsemanship

When you’ve been through trauma, stuck in a bad situation for a long time your reality shifts. And the fact is, reality is different for everyone. Our thoughts affect our actions, how we perceive other people and the world, and this affects our energy.
I spent so much of my life catastrophizing everyday things. Because if I thought through every bad scenario, the WORST scenario possible, then I would be prepared for it. But the thing is when we’re stuck in that mindset we’re actually broadcasting that energy. That’s the thing about intention and manifestation. When you’ve been in the pits for so long you assume that’s where you’ll always be, and then you get stuck there. Like Artax in the Swamp of Sadness.
I remember my Nana telling me I needed to say my prayers before I went to bed, and I always thought that was a bunch of hooey. She was a catholic, but I was basically an agnostic. God didn’t listen to my prayers; no one cared about what I wanted as a child. It wasn’t until I was in th…

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