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Ayurveda, Ama and My Pitta Pony

  Recently a friend lent me a couple very interesting books by Tom Schell D.V.M on using principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda in whole food equine diets and addressing Equine Metabolic Syndrome. This is kind of funny since my sister is actually studying to be an Ayurvedic practitioner and I had a consultation with her earlier this year about my own health. Afterwards, I couldn’t help but imagine how some of the information I was given could carry over to Kestrel, and then these books basically landed in my lap, the one on EMS being written just earlier this year. Kestrel is a Pitta dosha; medium athletic build, enjoys a challenge (he got pretty competitive on a racetrack once), strong appetite and gets irritated if his dinner is late, and can definitely be aggressive, pushy and dominant when out of balance. And then of course there’s his history of skin issues and allergies which are very common in Pitta horses.  One of the main things that has come up as I’ve been c

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