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A Decade with Lyme

It's official: 2020 is here. A new year, and a new decade. I actually made resolutions this year: Get out of my job of the last 12 years, spend more time with Kestrel, dedicate myself to yoga, get to a neurologist to get definitive answers regarding my chronic neurological pain disorder, the usual. But this is also a time of reflection; when I look back at the past decade, the struggles Kestrel and I have had, the little victories, and what's to come. The one thing that really stands out, the umbrella over this decade has been one thing: Lyme.

Mind you, I certainly didn't want it to be. I had so many hopes and dreams. And while we've had some accomplishments, getting those felt like trying to move a K-rail. 10 years ago if you had told me this disease was going to define our decade I would have laughed. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

The Story

In 2008 my mother purchased Kestrel from the UVM Morgan Horse Farm in Weybridge, VT. He was fully trained, an excellent …

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