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A Circular Revelation

Inside leg to outside rein.
Inside leg to outside rein.
Inside leg to outside rein.

This is the secret to a good circle.

You can repeat it as much as you like. It sounds easy, but the road to proper execution can be a long one (trust me). You may think you have it, but if you question it, the truth is you probably don't. This is the story of why it took me so long.

Let's see, about 5 years ago a friend had a well-known dressage instructor come out to give lessons at her barn and I joined in. The one word, to sum up her entire teaching focus was bend. Bend, bend, and more bend. With a dash of bend. She had me pushing Kestrel to the outside with my inside thigh and using an opening rein. It was exhausting. by the time I was finished I couldn't feel my legs. I had to work so hard to push him out. It was a struggle, and he would get tense, because my body was tense since I was working so hard. Somehow that was supposed to be the inside leg to outside rein. More like inside thi…

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